Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mask Review

Hello, hello.

Today, I am reviewing a mask I received in my June ipsy bag. Getting these glam bags each month is so much fun for me! I am constantly trying out new products so I can review them and make sure what I am using is indeed my favorite. How else would I know the products in my bathroom are my favorite if I haven't tried other things on the market?

When I get a new glam bag I research the products before I use them. I am constantly looking for products that are paraben free and mostly natural. Now, I'm no saint. Not everything in my cabinet fits into these categories but that is because I haven't found a product to make me want to give up the one I currently use.

Befine makes this cucumber mask so of course I hopped on the internet and read all about the company and they're products. I also looked at some of the reviews on Amazon. All of Befine's products are paraben free and made with nutritious super-foods. Many customers had nothing but good things to say about the mask, so I had to get a piece of this.

I first washed my face, which you are to do before applying a facial mask. Then I applied a thing layer to my face. The directions say to leave on for five minutes however, I leave it for about ten. A few things I instantly realized is the mask was very gentle. It did not irritate my skin as many masks tend to do. You can see me rockin it on my Instagram page with my pup.

After ten minutes I rinsed off my face and applied moisturizer. My skin felt rejuvenated and tighter. I've had this product a little over a month now and I can honestly say it is the best I have tried thus
 far. It is fragrance and allergen free so those with sensitivities don't have to worry.

Has any else used this or any other of Befine's products? What did you think of them?

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Have you used befine? Are you an ipsy lover too?

Kisses, Shavon.

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  1. I have to admit that I never tried anything from that brand before, but sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing your review :)