Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Best Water Bottle Ever!!

Let's talk water.

I am a firm believer that everyone should drink AT LEAST eight glasses of water a day. There are numerous health benefits to keeping hydrated:

  • younger looking skin
  • calorie control
  • happier muscles
  • shiny hair

Need I go on?

While the importance of water is obvious, I was one that found every excuse under the sun as to why I wouldn't drink it. The taste of water, having to drink so much, or simply forgetting to drink it. I was definitely acting like a child but I hated it and I hated the thought of having to drink so much. Until I decided to start filtering my water that is.

Best Water Bottle Ever |

Now, those of you that don't taste the difference; you my friends are lucky. It was like night and day for me and I realized how silly I was for doing it wrong all these years. My fiance was kind enough to bring me the Brita water bottle that filters tap water and I fell in love! - He must have gotten tired of hearing me whine about hating the taste of it haha.

I've always seen the larger pitchers that Brita made to filter water but that never worked for me because I'm always on the go but this little thing is a life saver. It is 32 ounces and allows me to have filtered water on the go so I can no longer make excuses for not drinking it. Inside the water bottle there is a straw so the bottle can be held upright for drinking. The straw attaches to the filter which attaches to the lid. So no matter where I am I can have filtered water. Super simple!!

Brita Water Bottle |

Brita Water Bottle |

Have you guys had a chance to try this yet? Let me know your thoughts on water intake.

Kisses, Shavon


  1. Water is super important and vital to your health! Your body is made up primarily of water. So glad you're incorporating more into your diet!

    1. Thank you!! It seems so silly but it is honestly so vital and makes a huge difference!

  2. I've actually just recently started to be more deliberate about my water intake. Now that I'm doing that, I'm sure I was probably dehydrated most of the time before! It doesn't come naturally to me yet to drink so much water, but I'm getting a lot better. This bottle is a great idea.