Thursday, July 2, 2015

4th of July Outfit

Hello July,

Can you believe it's July already? I don't know about you guys but the 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Food, family, relaxation, fireworks and the weather is usually nice. But it seems like every year I have two daunting decisions to make;
what to wear and what to do.

While I can't help you with the what to do (where to go, who to invite) part I did want to give some insight on some fun things to wear. 

Now you can't go wrong with the American Flag themed attire, or the classic red, white and blue coordinated outfit. Just don't overdue it - My advice, stick to one "flag" article if you're taking that route. And with the latter make either red or blue your main color, that way it's not clashing or overload.  

Personally, I like to nix the Independence Day themes. I want something cute and simple. Something I can move around in and still look super cute and classy. If you're going to be with kids or getting active I don't recommend a dress. It gets bothersome after a couple hours of being limited mobility-wise. 

A great alternative is a romper or a skort. They still give off that cute girly chic look but you have the comfort of being in shorts.

what to wear for the 4th of July |

Now you only need one statement piece. So if your bottoms are giving the wow factor you'll want to keep it simple up top with a solid color flowy top or a cute t-shirt that can be dressed up.

I'm going with this sheer black top which will contrast the color of my bottoms.

what to wear for the 4th of July |

Then pair it with black wedges and some simple jewelry and you've got a perfect Fourth of July outfit. 

what to wear for the 4th of July |

Happy Independence Day!! Make sure to take pics of your outfits and tag me in your post.

Kisses, Shavon

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