Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 5 Tips to Purging Your Closet

So today's post hits close to home. When I got married I went from a large room with a walk-in closet to a one bedroom apartment. I don't in any way regret this move but it was a major adjustment. I never realized how much time it took to downsize everything and my closet was a major one.

My closet as I stated before was a walk-in and was packed from bottom to top with clothes, purses, jewelry and so on. It was so stuffed my shoes were out in the garage because there was no room. Let's just say when I started working at Macy's when I was nineteen I created a major addiction. What's really sad is when I was purging before the wedding I had tons of articles that had been purchased years ago and they still had the tag on them.

So, I know a lot of women are like me and need to purge their closets but don't know where to start. Did I mention I share a closet now? Thank goodness its spacious for an apartment or I would be lost. Here are five tips that will help you to purge your closet. Out with the old, in with the new.

1. Get inspired

Turn on some fun music. Make something nice and cold to drink like a flavored ice tea; or my favorite, a fruit and vegetable smoothie. Even recruit someone to be on your panel to help you decide what to keep.

2. Be realistic

You can't keep everything no matter how much you don't want to let go of your lavishing closet. That is not a bad thing at all, we are making room for the better things in life. The simplest way to do this is to have two bins: trash and donate. As you go through your closet take one thing out at a time. If your keeping it, hang it back up. If not put it on one of the two bins.

3. Ask the tough questions

If you were shopping today, would you buy it? Does it fit? It is damaged/stained? Can it be repaired? If any of your answers are no, it's probably time to part ways. No point in keeping the jeans you wore on your first day of high school. They probably don't fit and aren't in style anymore. The sweatpants that you've had for 10 years are just collecting dust. You have to be brutal right now but it will pay off. You will have a gorgeous closet that is organized and only has the clothing items you love.

4. Organize your newly purged closet.

This part depends on how you function best. You can color-coordinate it or organize it by clothing type. Figure out how your closet will work for you and get to organizing. Find a home for everything in your closet and make it look pretty! This will both make you love your closet AND help you to put everything back in its place when you're done.

5. Buy one, throw one.

This is the best way to make sure your closet stays looking gorgeous. If you buy a new article of clothing you have to throw one you already have; whether that means tossing, donating, or selling it. Not only does this keep your closet from being overloaded again but it ensures that you have nothing but pieces you love in your closet.

Now, I'm not going to lie and say this was easy because it definitely was not. It took me a lot of time and I had to part with a lot of clothes. But it was so worth it! It even makes getting ready faster because I have less to choose from and I love everything I own. Now the only hard part is getting my husband to purge ;)

I want to see the amazing work you accomplish! Tag me in your before and after pictures; tag your friends too! Get them to do this with you.

Kisses, Shavon.

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