Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Planner Obsession

Hi guys!!

The list of my obsessions could literally go on and on so today I thought we would talk about another one. Office supplies and more specifically PLANNERS! I love planners and have for as long as I can remember. I loved being in school and they would give us the planners to write our assignments and events in. I was probably one of the only kids who color coordinated it and took it everywhere with me lol.

So forwarding a couple of years later and I love them even more, but I have moved on to bigger and better things. So here is my baby. I am using the Lily Pulitzer medium size and can I say it's amazing! I love this agenda for many reasons. Her agendas come in a few different sizes and designs. I believe this design is discontinued but is similar to pink lemonade. Another great thing about her agendas is they are not your typical 12 month agenda. It goes from August of 2014 to December 2015, which was perfect because I wanted to use it as soon as it came in the mail.

In the front of the agenda is a double sided pocket. On the front I keep extra paper clips and post its. I also keep important things that I use frequently, my insurance card, and anything I may need to take with me for the day.

There are two sets of month views. The first is in the front of the agenda and it is only month views. Lately, I have been trying to better myself and be a little bit healthier so I use a different coding system to keep track of my progress. Blue is for 8 glasses of water, green is for exercise, and red is for my daily devos. I simply draw a line through the day in that color if I finished my task for the day. I use the first set of month on two pages for this.

The second is with the weekly views and separates them by month. Here is a dummy mock-up of what my week and month would look like. Once I have completed a task I simply cross and out and I'm done.

As you can see I color-code my agenda I do this because it helps me to organize and I can tell what I have going on with just a quick glance. Plus adding a little bit of color makes it pretty and makes me actually want to use the agenda. Here is a breakdown of how I use the different colors:

Purple - Social
Green - Wedding
Dark Blue - Matt
Orange - Work
Red - Personal/To-Do

Each Sunday I decorate the upcoming week and fill in my schedule. Doing this every week probably excites me a little more than it should. Poor Matt has come home to my planner supplies all over the living room in pure confusion haha. I have a box that I keep all my supplies in so when I decorate I just bring it into the living room and decorate away. I use washi tape, sticker, post its and page flags. There is also a sheet of stickers that comes with all Lily agendas. I have taken mine out because I put it with the rest of my stickers because I have quite a few.

So there it is! I should probably start looking into planner anonymous meetings, but in talking with many of you I know that I am not alone. Do you use planners? What are your tips and tricks? Comment below and let me know.

You can find Lilly planners here. And for more on organization check out my post on purse organization here.

Kisses, Shavon

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  1. I LOVE a good planner! I just found one at target that I'm in love with but this one is so gorgeous!

    1. Target has some great ones! There's a bigger one I have that I use specifically for my blog because I just had to have it.

  2. There's something about a planner that just makes you want to be productive and organized. And why is it that we want and buy new planners before the year's up? Even just filling them in is fun!!!!

    1. So true! It's so nice to write out what needs to be done. And I think being able to cross things out at the end of the day makes me want to complete my tasks even more. I'm definitely guiltt of getting new agendas before the year is up and switching half way through the year.

  3. This is a great posting. I love to write and I should have a planner. I use Google calendar, but I need something in front of me at all times. Thanks for the inspiration.